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Casino Soundtracks: Crafting Perfect Casino Night Playlist

Casino playlist

A party just isn’t a party unless it has a killer soundtrack to go along with it. Having the right tune can make all the difference in letting everyone have fun and just cut loose. Even gambling can benefit from a few select tracks here and there. This is why, if you plan on having a casino night with friends, why not pump it up with a fantastic playlist? Whether it’s hosting a real casino night or playing online gambling, we can help suggest a few tracks that are must-haves for your playlist.

How to Play Your Tunes

If you are wondering on how to set up your playlist, it’s as easy as it looks. When hosting a real casino party with tables, you will need a decent stereo system. Having a radio with sound speakers is your best bet. Some systems can include full 3D audio playing tracks throughout your house. Be sure to set the volume at a comfortable level. You need to be able to hear everyone as well as hear the music just enough to dance to.

When playing online casinos, you can happily set a separate playlist in the background in a separate tab. You can set this up on YouTube or Spotify. You may enjoy online gambling thanks to a no deposit bonus casino UK site. Taking part in bonus deals to spend more time with your friends playing online casinos without an initial deposit makes it more attractive. Some of the music programs can let you share your playlist with them. This means you can take part in online bonus deals and still head bang to your best tracks.

Try Picking a Theme

A theme is the vital first step in making your playlist. Some casino nights can have specific themes that are tailored to the games you are playing. If you are setting up a period for your party, try collecting some tunes from that era. If you have a location set in mind, like Egypt or China, gather some music representing those cultures. The immersion will thoroughly improve if you have music that matches up to where the players are. At the very least, it will make them feel like they are in this setting with the appropriate mood. Cater to the tastes of your guests if you are struggling to fill up the playlist.

Classic playlist songs

Start With The Classics

When you think of a casino, a few genres may already come to your mind. Try adding some instrumental tracks that match up with the vibe you are going for. Jazz is something that is cliché but very appropriate for the casino lifestyle. There are lots of instrumental jazz performances you can play in the background to set the mood. The slow saxophone and light steps of the drums suit the nightlife perfectly.

If you need some examples of fellow jazz artists, here are some examples:

  • Miles Davis
  • Duke Ellington
  • Louis Armstrong
  • John Coltrane
  • Billie Holiday

A few big band tracks can work as well. It fits very closely into jazz and can offer a classier vibe to the party. The likes of Frank Sinatra include classic songs like Fly Me to Moon, New York, New York, My Way, and That’s Life. These songs work best with something that matches the 50’s and 60’s. Casinos were always filled with this music back in the heyday. If you want to take your guests back to those good old days, this is the music to pack your playlist.

Go More Literal

Sometimes, it can be a nice touch to add in songs that are based on gambling itself. Being a little more literal can include all kinds of songs in the playlist. As mentioned earlier, Frank Sinatra even has a song to include on this list called Luck Be a Lady. Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley can always make a party more upbeat. The Jack from AC/DC and Black Queen from Stephen Stills can add a little rock to your collection. Kenny Roger’s The Gambler is an iconic song that weaves together a tale of gambling in its lyrics. Even songs about money can fit into the theme. Money, Money, Money by ABBA comes to mind.

Throw in More Modern Times

If you don’t know much about the classic stuff, including some modern songs is never a bad idea. You may wish to have something that matches a general party vibe rather than have something specific to gambling. There are plenty of modern party albums you can throw together that can get people having fun. The most recognizable songs to include come from many popular artists. This includes the likes of Bruno Mars, Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, Blink 182, Black Eyed Peas, and so many more. The music from these artists can get any party started. Here are some track examples to include:



Lady GaGa

Poker Face, Bad Romance, Born This Way, Rain on Me

Bon Jovi

Living on a Prayer, It’s My Life, You Give Love a Bad Name

Katy Perry

Firework, Hot ‘n’ Cold, Roar


Pink Venom, Kill This Love, How You Like That

Black Eyed Peas

I Gotta Feeling, Pump It, Let’s Get it Started

If you ever need to match the party vibe, refer to these songs to get people up and enjoying themselves. Ask your friends for any personal favorites to let them all take part.


Stick to The Background

We mentioned before that not all the songs need to be lyrical. Sometimes, a good instrumental beat can help create a nice atmosphere. This is especially true if you are hosting a more serious casino night. Something a little more competitive between you and other players. The right soundtrack can uplift your spirit to crush the competition, similar to how people work out better with the right song.

For this kind of music, you will want to have something that provides a low but consistent beat. Think back to gameshows and how they have musical queues for certain segments. If a round of poker starts, play an invigorating tempo to get your heart racing. Push yourself to make more decisive bets, knowing you have music gives you confidence. On the opposite side, you may want something gentle to calm your nerves. Having a slower beat playing to steadys your heart rate and helps you not panic in critical moments. Here are the more opposite sides that music can give:

  • Uplift your spirit to crush the competition
  • Invigorating tempo for poker rounds
  • Boost confidence with music

Testing The Full Set

Once you have your whole playlist sorted, be sure to test it out. Have your songs played together, and listen carefully to the order. Having a good order for your songs is even more important. You don’t want a sappy song playing immediately after something heavy. A sudden mood changer can leave people feeling confused and take them out of the party vibe. Play your songs all together so that each track flows seamlessly to the next. Try putting slower songs in the middle for people to take a break and then go back to the faster stuff. Once it’s all tested out, stick it into a decent sound system and get your casino night rolling.