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How To Change Username On Spotify? [Multiple Devices Guide]

Many people need to learn how to Change Username on Spotify. Changing your username on Spotify can be a great way to show off your music taste and reflect your style. 

Whether you’ve recently changed your name or are ready for a new username, it’s easy to do with Spotify’s step-by-step instructions. But before you begin, ensure you meet the Spotify password requirements to ensure the security of your account.

Once you’re ready, you can change your username and start creating some killer playlists, or even check out some Spotify playlist name ideas to inspire you. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous, try out a Spotify mod APK for some extra features. So why wait? Let’s get started and make your Spotify profile truly your own!

How To Change Username On Spotify
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How To Change Username On Spotify Pc

If you have an existing Spotify account and want to change the username of your account, the process is relatively simple. 

  • Log in to your account on a computer or laptop; this option isn’t currently available on mobile devices.
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  • Once logged in, select the “View Profile” option in the top right-hand corner of your pc screen.
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  • You can edit your username, display name, and profile photo from there.
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  • After making the necessary changes and selecting ‘Save’, it should reflect your updated username throughout Spotify.
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Remember that changing your username will affect how people can search for and identify you on the platform – make sure it’s a name you’re comfortable showing to other users!

How To Change Username On Spotify Account Iphone

Changing your username on Spotify for an iPhone is incredibly easy. All you need to do is follow the simple steps: 

  • Open the app 
  • Head to the Settings option at the bottom of the screen. 
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  • You should see a field that reads ‘Username.’
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  • By tapping in this field, you can enter any new name you want to be associated with their account.
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  • After filling it in, click ‘Save,’ and congratulations – your new username is live!
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If you are connected with Facebook, following and followers might only appear once friends update their Spotify accounts with your new name.

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To find out more about how this works, feel free to explore Spotify’s official support page.

How To Change Username On Spotify Android

The process is straightforward if you’re using Spotify and want to update your username on Android. 

  • Open up your Spotify app, 
  • Go to your profile by selecting the “Home” icon, 
  • Click on your profile photo and select the “Edit Profile” option. 
  • You can now access your account settings and make changes, including your username. 

It’s essential to remember that this is a permanent change, so make sure you choose a username you are comfortable with. Once you’ve completed all these steps, select the “Save” button at the end of the page, and you will be ready!

How To Change Username On Spotify Desktop

Changing your username on Spotify Desktop is relatively simple. All you need to do:

  • Access the Account page of your Spotify profile. 
  • Click the tab labeled “Profile” at the top of the page. 
  • Look for “Username” under account information. 
  • Click on it and enter your new username. 
  • Be sure to double-check that you have entered it correctly. 
  • Save any changes to finish updating your Spotify account! 

With these easy-to-follow steps, you can be sure you’ll run with your new username quickly!

How To Change Username On Spotify Chromebook

Changing your username on Spotify Chromebook is easy! 

  • Open the app on your Chromebook.
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  • Click the profile icon in the top-right corner.
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  • It’ll direct you to a screen where you can adjust your information.
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  • Type in a new username and click Save Changes.
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If you want to make sure that no other user has already taken the username you chose, click ‘Check Availability’ before saving. That’s all it takes – changing your username with Spotify is fast and convenient!

How To Change Username On Spotify On Phone

Changing your Spotify username on your phone is quick and easy. 

  • Open the app, 
  • Go to ‘Settings,’ 
  • Select ‘Account’ 
  • Click on the current username. 

It’ll present you with a box where you can enter your new username before saving it. Remember to check that all other details are correct once you’ve saved it, as this will reflect on any playlists and accounts you’re connected to. 

Keep track of the new name – otherwise, you may find yourself locked out of any shared music or playlist. Making the change in your phone means that the update is almost instantaneous, so you won’t have to wait long before playing with your friends using your new name!

How To Change Username On Spotify  From Numbers

The process is straightforward if you need to change your Spotify username from numbers to something more personal. All you need to do is follow the simple steps:

  • Go to your Settings page in the app, 
  • Tap on ‘Profile,’ 
  • Scroll down until you find ‘Change Username.’ 
  • You can choose up to 30 characters and letters for your new username. 
  • After ensuring another user doesn’t take your chosen name, click ‘Save,’ and it’s as easy as that! 

Your new username will now be displayed whenever someone searches for it or when you post music on social media. Be sure to update any existing Spotify links with your new username so others can easily find your account.

People Ask Questions

Why Can’t I Change My Spotify Username

You cannot change your Spotify username because it is a unique identifier that links your account information and activity. It is also used to help others find you on the platform. Only official Spotify staff can modify it to ensure everyone’s username is secure and distinct.

Yes, people can see your Spotify username if they view your profile or search for you using your username. It will appear in searches and display prominently on the profile page for anyone considering it, so keep this in mind when creating a username.

Yes, your Spotify username is public and can be seen by other users when they search or visit your profile page – however, you can always choose to keep certain aspects of your account private.

Everyone can see your Spotify username if they search or visit your profile page – unless you have chosen to make certain aspects of your account private.

No, the display name is not the same as the username – while usernames are unique identifiers, display names are what other users will see when interacting with you on the platform (e.g., comments on songs). 

They can change the display name without altering the underlying username; it allows users to give themselves a different nickname that more accurately reflects their current tastes or identity than their original username if desired.


So there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to change your username on Spotify. Whether looking for something new or just trying to keep things fresh, updating your name is easy and can make all the difference. Follow these steps to catch up in the digital music streaming world.

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