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How To Start Listening Party On Spotify? [Multiple Devices Guide]

Spotify’s Listening Party feature is the perfect way to enjoy music with friends, even if you can’t be together in person. 

And if you’re looking to take your Spotify experience to the next level, you may have heard of alternative options like Spotify++ IPA, Spotify ++, or Spotify MOD APK. However, this guideline will focus solely on Spotify’s official Listening Party feature.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about listening party on Spotify, from how to set it up to how many devices can be used on Spotify Premium

We’ll also provide tips and tricks for getting the most out of your virtual listening party experience. So whether you’re planning a themed party with friends or just want to share some tunes, keep reading for a complete guide to using Spotify’s Listening Party feature.

How To Start Listening Party On Spotify? To start a Listening Party on Spotify, open the desktop app and play a song. Click the speaker icon next to the track name, then “Start Listening Party” to generate a shareable link. Send the link to friends to invite them to join. Up to five participants can control playback in real-time from their own devices. A chat window allows you to discuss the music. Listening Parties create a social listening experience and can be started by any Premium user. Share favorite tracks or whole playlists for an interactive musical hangout.

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What Is A Listening Party On Spotify 

  • A listening party on Spotify is a virtual social gathering where users can listen to music together no matter how far apart they may be
  • It enables users to share their favorite songs with friends, family members, and strangers in real-time from anywhere in the world.
  • The new feature lets you play songs privately or publicly, depending on who you want to join your listening party.
  • Up to five people can join a single listening party, so there’s plenty of room for everyone!
  • You can also chat at the listening party while discovering new music together!

How To Start A Listening Party On Spotify

Hosting a listening party on Spotify can be an enjoyable and efficient way to get together with your friends to listen to music without leaving the comfort of your home. 

  • To start your listening session, you only need a premium subscription and a playlist of songs everyone involved in the gathering will enjoy. 
  • Once you have created the playlist and invited your listeners, you can use features like ‘Group Session‘ or ‘Collaborative Playlists, ‘ allowing everyone in attendance to control the music being played. 

With these options, you’ll never have to worry about someone changing the song at an awkward moment—collaboration keeps everyone happy!

How To Start A Listening Party On Spotify Pc

Starting a listening party on Spotify pc is a great way to enjoy a musical experience with friends and family. Starting a listening party is easy;

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  • The first step is to create or join a group on Spotify’s website or app. 
  • You’ll need to choose a room leader to control the playlist for everyone in the listening party. 
  • You can invite friends or family members to join your gathering. 
  • Once all the guests have joined, you can start making and adding songs to your playlist, and everyone at the party can listen! 
  • It’s important to note that only one person at a time can add music, so everyone takes turns sharing their favorite tunes. 

Listening parties will liven up any get-together – so why not gather some of your loved ones and start one now?

How To Start A Listening Party On Spotify Mobile

Planning a listening party on your mobile device with Spotify is easy and fun! 

  • Start by downloading the app and ensuring all your guests have Spotify accounts. 
  • Once they’re all signed in, create a collaborative playlist to add songs you want to listen to – the more diverse, the better! 
  • Please invite your friends using their Spotify usernames. 
  • Once added, turn on Group Session and enjoy the music. 

With Group Sessions, everyone can take turns DJing by controlling what’s playing on everyone’s device. Whether you want to relax with soothing classics or dance the night away to hip-hop, you’ll be in for a great experience.

How To Start A Listening Party On Spotify Discord

Hosting a listening party on Spotify is easy and fun for everyone

  • To get started, you must ensure both the host and guests have free or premium versions of Spotify and access to a Discord server. 
  • On the Spotify app, click the “…” menu in the top right corner and select ‘Listen Together.’ 
  • Select who can join the listening session and who you want to invite. 
  • You can copy the link in the Listen Together pop-up window and paste it into a channel or direct message in your chosen Discord server. 

When selected users click this link, they can join once you have enabled the session – then you’re ready to listen together!

How To Make A Listening Party On Spotify Discord Mobile

  • Open the Spotify app and log in to your account if necessary.
  • Tap on the “Social” tab at the screen’s bottom right.
  • Tap on “Create a Room.”
  • From there, you can add a title for your room and customize it with an image or cover art. You can also choose whether or not to make it public and set an expiration date so that the room closes after a certain period.
  • Once your settings are ready, tap “Create” to start your listening party.
  • You will then be given a unique link to share with friends via text, email, or any other messaging platform, such as Discord.
  • When someone clicks the link, they will be asked to join by logging into their Spotify account. Once logged in, they’ll be able to join the listening party.

Listen Along To Spotify Discord Mobile

  • Open up the Spotify app and log into your account if necessary.
  • Tap on the “Social” tab at the screen’s bottom right.
  • Look for any active rooms within the ‘Listen Along’ section or create one using the steps outlined above if you want to host one yourself – make sure you invite friends or anyone else who might want to join.
  • Once inside a room, press play and start enjoying music together! You can also add songs from your library while in there – just hit ‘Add Songs’ and select whichever tracks you like best from your collection!

How To Start A Listening Party On Spotify Computer

  • First, you must ensure your computer has installed the latest version of the Spotify app. 
  • Once that’s done, and if you have an account, sign in or create one. 
  • Click on the ‘Listening Together’ icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the app window. 
  • Invite up to five friends to join you by sharing a shareable link for them to access. o

Once everyone has joined, browse for your favorite music playlist or select pre-existing ones from Spotify. You can also switch roles with whoever is hosting and make them the DJ so you can all listen to their choices. Finally, start jamming away! Have fun, and rock on!

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How To Start A Listening Party On Spotify Web Player

Starting a listening party on Spotify web player is the perfect way to get together with friends (or family far away) and enjoy music. 

First, you only need a Spotify Premium subscription and your computer or a laptop with internet access. 

To start, 

  • Go to “Your Library” on the Spotify Web Player homepage’s left side and click “Room.” It will allow you to invite your friends by emailing them or sharing the link via social media. 
  • Once everyone has joined your room, choose the playlist you want everyone to listen to and be ready for some great times! 

Listening parties can provide hours of entertainment for anyone eager to launch their session – everything from classic rock music for easy listening to something more current for energetic listening gatherings. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to download Spotify songs to mp3 and start your first listening party on Spotify Web Player!

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How To Start A Listening Party On Spotify Mac

If you’ve ever wanted to share the tracks you love with your friends, you can now do so with Spotify! 

  • With its new “Listen Along” feature, hosting your listening party on Mac is easy. 
  • Log in to Spotify, start playing your favorite music, and share the link with friends or family. 
  • When they join your room, they will begin streaming the same music that you are hearing and be able to leave comments on the music as well. 

Don’t wait any longer and start creating memories with Spotify’s fun Listen Along option for Mac today!

How To Make A Listening Party On Spotify For Mac

  • Begin by signing into your account and then clicking the “+” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, which will open a window where you can create your listening party.
  • Give it an interesting name that reflects what kind of music you want to listen to or who it is for (e.g., Friends’ Dance Party). Then start adding people as guests by entering their usernames or selecting them from a list of suggested contacts for them to join in on the fun!
  • If you want to create a custom playlist with specific songs and artists, select “Create Your Playlist.” You can also choose from one of five already curated playlists if you wish; just hit “Change Music” if you ever feel like switching up what’s playing during listening
  • Once all necessary adjustments have been made, hit “Start Listening Party” at the top of the window so everyone can get ready to blast some tunes! The host can kick off real-time conversations with their guests using voice chat or text messages while jamming out together!

How To Make A Listening Party On PC, Desktop, Or Computer:

  • Go to in any web browser (e.g., Chrome or Safari)
  • Log into your existing Spotify account or create one if you don’t have one yet.
  • Click “Create a Room” and enter a name and an optional description if desired.
  • Invite friends to join by typing in their usernames in the “Invite friends” box or sending them an email invitation directly from Spotify if they don’t have a username yet.
  • When everyone has joined, you can start playing music from one of Spotify’s curated playlists or your library and enjoy listening together!

How To Join A Listening Party On Spotify

  • Go to the Spotify app and click the “Search” bar at the top.
  • Type in “Listening Party” and select it when it appears in the dropdown menu.
  • It will take you to a page where you can join or create your listening party.
  • Click on “Join a Party” and enter the code provided by your host.
  • Once you have successfully entered the code, we will add you to the listening party, and you can now listen to music with all your friends!

How To Leave A Listening Party On Spotify

  • Open the Spotify app and click “Listening Party” from the Search bar at the top of the screen.
  • When you are in your chosen listening party, you will see an option at the bottom left-hand corner that says “Leave Party.” Click this button
  • You will then be asked if you want to leave or stay in the listening party. Select “Leave,” confirm your choice, and it will remove you from the session.

How To Listen To Spotify Together Without Premium:

  • You can listen to music together on Spotify for free, but with limited features.
  • To listen together, you and your friends or family must create a group in the Spotify app and join the same session. All parties will then be able to hear the same music playback simultaneously.
  • You can also use third-party listening apps such as SoundShare and StreamJam that don’t require a premium subscription.
  • With these apps, you can create streaming rooms, invite people with a link, and chat while listening to music together.

How To Listen To Spotify With Friends Without Premium

Suppose you’re looking for ways to listen to music with friends without shelling out the extra dollars for Spotify Premium. In that case, there’s a clever solution: 

  • The feature allows individuals and groups alike to synchronize their listening sessions. 
  • All you need is one person with a Spotify account who can create the queue and invite your friends. 
  • It is easier than ever to have collaborative listening sessions from the comfort of your home – or wherever you may be! 
  • Just plug in your headphones and press play. 

It’s an easy, cost-effective way to listen to your favorite music alongside those closest to you – even if it’s all over the world!

How To See What People Are Listening To On Spotify:

  • The simplest way is using the “Recently Played” section of any user’s profile page. Here you will find all their recent listens, allowing you to discover new tunes they enjoy.
  • If someone has made their playlists public, you can look at them directly from their profile page. It is another great way of discovering what other people like musically.
  • Finally, if someone is following you on Spotify or vice versa, you will see what each other is listening to in real time by going into the “Friends” tab and selecting “Shared Music & Playlists” from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Listening Party Spotify Not Working:

  • Often this issue is caused by an outdated version of Spotify or incorrect settings within the app itself. In either case, updating or reinstalling should fix most issues related here as long as all users have compatible devices/browsers running recent versions of Spotify (for desktop)
  • Ensure everyone has an active account, and ensure that user privileges are correctly set up so that no one is blocked from joining your party.
  • Check your network connection speed with each person participating in the listening party; it should be strong enough for streaming audio without buffering or lag problems occurring mid-session. Finally, try restarting your device if all else fails!

People Ask Questions

How Do You Invite you To Listen Along On Spotify PC?

To invite someone to join your listening party on Spotify PC, click the “listen along” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. It will open up a code that you can share with your friends. They can enter this code into their Spotify PC client and begin listening with you!

Yes, you need Spotify Premium to start a listening party. The feature only works with premium accounts with access to higher sound quality and more features like unlimited skips.

There are a few reasons why your Spotify listening party needs to be fixed on Discord. Firstly, ensure both parties have their audio settings enabled in discord for it to work correctly. 

Additionally, check that all members are logged into their Spotify accounts and that all members have the same version of Discord installed. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, restarting Discord and Spotify might do the trick!

Yes, two people can listen to Spotify at the same time using the Listening Party feature. With this feature, you can easily connect with one or multiple people and start listening together – no matter where everyone is located geographically! 

Moreover, because everyone can access high-quality sound and unlimited skips (for premium users), sharing music has never been easier or better sounding.

Yes, Spotify listening party is free for all users. You just need to have a Spotify account to start using the feature.

Yes, you can do a listening party on Spotify. All you need to do is create a private room or join an existing one and invite your friends or family to listen with you in real-time.

If you cannot join a Spotify listening party, it could be due to a few reasons, such as if the host has already reached the maximum capacity of 10 people in the room or if your device needs to meet the system requirements for the feature.

If you cannot make a listening party, first check that your device meets the system requirements for this feature, then make sure that your internet connection is stable and strong enough for streaming audio/video content without interruption or buffering issues.

Additionally, confirm that any other participants invited have a valid Spotify account and have accepted the invitation accordingly before attempting to start or join the listening party again.


So, how to start a listening party on Spotify? Spotify listening party feature is the perfect way to connect with friends and enjoy your favorite music, even while we’re all at home. We hope this guideline has helped you understand everything you want to know about using the new feature to enjoy listening to music with friends, no matter where you are. Thanks for reading, and happy listening!

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