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How To See Friends Activity On Spotify?

For those who are looking to stay connected with their friends despite being apart, Spotify is a great way to do so. With the switch from Spotify to Apple Music, users can now host group sessions on their PCs to share music with their friends. 

You can even download Spotify Mod APK for your Android device to track your friends’ listening. 

It’s easy, just create a shareable link and invite up to five of your closest friends for an ultimate jam session!

How To See Friends Activity On Spotify? To view your friends’ recent activity in Spotify, open the desktop app and click the Friends feed icon on the left menu. This shows recent song likes, playlist additions, and new releases your friends have been listening to. On mobile, go to the Made For You hub and scroll down to see the same Friend Feed. Tap into specific activities to see which friends have been interacting with certain music. Enable social listening in settings to share and see full listening history with friends. The Friend Feed provides an easy way to discover music through your contacts.

Quick Answers:

  • To see friends’ activity on Spotify, go to the Home tab and select activity.
  • You can also find your friends by clicking on the People tab and selecting Friends.
  • Checking out friends’ playlists can give you an insight into the type of songs they like and any unique mixes they’ve put together.
  • You can also check out what albums your friends like or even what concerts they are attending.
How to see friends activity on spotify
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How to see friends activity on Spotify?

To see friends’ activity on Spotify, you can go to the Home tab and select activity to view your friend’s recent plays, albums they have liked, and playlists they follow. You can also find your friends by clicking on the People tab, followed by Friends.

How to See More Friends’ Activity on Spotify?

You can join their list of followers to see more of your friend’s activity on Spotify. It will provide a place for them to share their music with you and let you view what songs they are listening to.

Additionally, you can add friends directly from their profile page or invite them from the “People” page in the app.

Why can’t my friends see what I’m listening to on Spotify?

Your friends may only see what you’re listening to on Spotify if your privacy settings are set correctly, or the song has yet to be available on Spotify. 

It is essential to check your privacy settings and ensure that “Let others see what I’m listening to” is enabled so your friends can see which songs you’re playing on Spotify.

Why can’t I see friend activity on Spotify?

If your friends still can’t see your activity on Spotify despite changing your privacy settings, it might be because their account needs to be correctly synced with yours, or they still need to accept an invitation sent by you.

It’s also possible that there is an issue with the app’s servers which could cause it to stop updating automatically – this is usually fixed by restarting the app or reinstalling it together.

Do you need to update?

If nothing seems wrong, but your Friend Activity column isn’t updating, try adjusting some settings, such as checking if any privacy levels restrict who can follow each other altogether until things start functioning normally again. It should resolve most issues related to friend activities not showing up correctly! 

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify on the phone?

To see friends’ activity on Spotify on the phone:

  • Open the app.
  • Tap on the Home tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select activity.
  • This will take you to a list of your friend’s recent plays, albums they have liked, and playlists they follow on their profile page.

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify iPhone?

To see friends’ activity on the Spotify iPhone version specifically:

  • Open up the app
  • Navigate through Home> Activity > People > Friends.
  • It will present you with information about all those who follow each other, including music played recently. Any other activities related to them, such as likes for certain tracks or playlist follows/unfollows, etc.

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify android?

To check out friends’ activity using an Android device with Spotify installed:

  • Open up the app
  • Head for Home
  • The activity should bring up a list of all relevant info about people that follow each other along with tracks played recently, etc.

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify mobile?

For checking out friend activity on mobile devices via a platform like Android or iOS, some slightly different steps are involved compared to desktop/laptop versions. 

Still, none too tricky – just head for Home people, then select either recent plays (for tracks) or followers (for playlists), either of which should get supplied with necessary data quickly enough in most cases! 

Hide Your Spotify Activity on tHe Spotify Mobile App?

 Hide Your Spotify Activity On The Mobile App – On this setup:

  • Firstly select “Privacy”
  • Then “Activity Sharing” before unchecking “Share my listening habits.”
  • It will ensure no one can access information regarding what tunes have been played recently through this mode while simultaneously protecting user data security in general terms too!

How to see friends’ listening activity on Spotify mobile?

To gain further insight into exactly how things are sounding amongst pals, activate “Followers” mode from within the Friends tab and choose individual users from the listed options provided before reviewing everything taking place within respective profiles! 

How to see friend activity on Spotify desktop?

To View Friend Activity On Desktop Platforms – For this type of action:

  • One must first click on Friends located under the People panel.
  • Followed swiftly by hitting the “Recent Plays” option before viewing details connected here!

How to see friends’ activity on a Spotify laptop?

To see Friend Activity From Laptop Setups – To gain access here, go ahead & press the Friends to link located under tabs within the People section before selecting Recent Plays choice situated below afterward! 

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify MacBook?

Here press on the Friends links under sections found inside the People menu before selecting the Recent Plays selection beneath the next, permitting visualization immediately!  

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify on iPad?

Checking Out Friend Activity From iPad Devices:

  • Firstly, trigger an opening move towards tapping upon the Friends category nestled inside the People menus.
  • Followed soon after by confirming the selection marked off as Recent Plays.
  • Thus concluding the process quite nicely indeed!

How to see friends’ listening activity on Spotify iPad?

To see friends’ listening activity on the Spotify iPad app, open the app and tap on the “Friends” tab in the lower right corner of your screen. You will then be able to see what your friends are up to.

How to see friends’ activity on the Spotify web player?

To see friends’ activity on the Spotify web player, click on the “Friends” tab on the page’s bottom. You can view your friends’ playlists, recently played songs, and shared music recommendations.

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify Chromebook?

To see friends’ activity on Spotify Chromebooks, open the Chrome browser and go to You will be able to view recent activities from your friends, including new playlists created or songs being listened to by them.

How to Download Spotify friend activity extension?

The Spotify friend activity extension is a great way to stay connected with your network of friends who use Spotify as well! It allows you to easily browse through their recent activities without leaving your current page or navigating away from it – making it super convenient!

How to get rid of the friend activity tab on Spotify?

Suppose you no longer want to view your friend’s activity on Spotify. In that case, all you have to do is head over to your account settings and uncheck the ‘Friend Activity’ option under Social Settings, eliminating that tab for you.

How to see friends’ activity on Spotify without Facebook?

To see friends’ activity on Spotify without Facebook:

  • Go into Settings > Social Settings and unlink any Facebook accounts associated with that account. 
  • Restart Spotify after ensuring this has been done correctly; you’ll be able to view Friends’ Activities just like any other user would without needing a Facebook link!

How to Manage Friend Activity on Spotify?

Managing Friend Activity on Spotify is simple;

  • You only need to enter Account Settings > Social Settings. 
  • Adjust how much information about yourself is displayed.
  • If others can follow or add you as a friend! If desired, you can also turn off friend requests for additional control over who interacts with you via this platform.

Can’t see friends’ activity on Spotify anymore?

Suppose you’re unable to see Friends Activity on Spotify anymore. In that case, it could be either because one of those two people has disabled their profile sharing or because one has blocked the other from seeing the other’s content (which would remove access).

How can I see my friends’ activity on Spotify?

To view my own Friends’ Activities on Spotify:

I have to select the “Friends” tab within my account settings menu, where I can keep an eye out for what my fellow users are doing, such as creating new playlists or adding new tracks they enjoy listening to!

How to Fix Spotify Friend Activity Not Working?

If your Spotify Friend Activity isn’t working correctly, first make sure that both profiles are linked together correctly before attempting anything else.

If everything checks out alright but still doesn’t work, try restarting both devices before trying again – this should generally fix most issues related to this feature not working correctly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Friend Activity On Spotify Only For Premium?

No, friend activity on Spotify is free for all users. With a free account, you can follow your friends and see what they are listening to. You can also view their playlists and like, comment, or share songs with them.

How Does Spotify Friend Activity Work?

When you connect your Spotify account to other social media apps like Facebook or Twitter, you can find and follow people with the same interests in music as you do. Once you follow someone, their posts will show up in your feed, where you can listen to their music or like and comment on it.

Why Is My Friend’s Activity Not Showing Up On Spotify?

If you can see your friend’s activity is not showing up on Spotify, there could be a few reasons for this; either they need to be connecting their accounts with other social media sites, or they may have blocked you from seeing their activity.


If you are curious about how to see friends’ activity on Spotify? The “Friends Activity” feature on Spotify is reasonably new, it offers an excellent way for users to keep track of their friends’ music activity and find new songs, artists, and playlists that they may enjoy. 

With just a few clicks, you can view your friends’ recent activity and get recommendations for music that you might like. 

Whether you’re streaming solo or with friends, Spotify’s “Friends Activity” feature is an excellent tool for discovering new music that fits your taste. So try it out today – you might be surprised at what you find!

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