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How to Spotify Group Session on PC/Desktop? (Ultimate Guide)

Group sessions are the new way to share your Spotify playlists with friends. This article explains how to set up and start a group session on Spotify’s default music player so you can have all your favorite songs in one row!

How to Spotify Group Session on PC/Desktop? To start a Group Session from the Spotify desktop app, open the song menu next to any track and click “Start a Group Session”. This generates a shareable invite link. Send the link to friends so they can join the real-time listening party from their devices. Upto 5 people can listen and control queue simultaneously.

A group chat lets you discuss music. Note Group Sessions only work cross-platform between mobile/desktop, not multiple desktops. But desktop users can join mobile Sessions using the invite link. Desktop allows starting Sessions to share music from your computer.

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How to Spotify Group Session on PC

Quick Answer:

  • Open Spotify and “sign in”
  • Click the “3 lines” in the “top left corner” of the window
  • Select “Group Session” from the “menu”
  • Type in the “name of the group session” you want to join or search for it by clicking on the “magnifying glass icon”
  • Click “Join,” and it will take you into the session without paying the Spotify monthly tax!

Some friends look for a Spotify group session on PC but they do not fully find that you have to start the Spotify Group session, join the Spotify Group Session, or leave the group session. But we will talk about you all in this article.

How to Start Spotify Group Sessions on PC and Desktop

Are you looking to join the party? We’ve got your back! Get all the info you need to set up and launch a group session with Spotify from your desktop. 

Plus, we’re providing 2023’s most updated Spotify instructions so that nothing will stand between you and good vibes–let’s get this started!

The Spotify business model introduces a new feature that allows different people to share a common screen or a DJ set-up rather than passing it around to the host screen.

Here are the step-by-step details of starting the Spotify Group Session on Pc.

  • Firstly, you will open Spotify on your PC.
  • Play a song of your choice.
  • Then you will tap the icon in the bottom left-hand corner
  • You will scroll down and select “Start Session.”
  • You will invite your friends through a message, or you have scanned the Spotify code.
  • Finally, when you want to end the Spotify group session, you will again tap the icon in the bottom left-hand corner, scroll down, and select ” End Session. “

You will enjoy Spotify group sessions with your friends and family worldwide. No matter where they are, they will play, pause, skip and queue music.

How to Join Spotify Group Session on Pc

Join Spotify and start Listening to your Spotify song thru the reliable Windows 10 to revel in your favored playlists and tracks with no extra devices.

  • You need to select a song of your choice.
  • Select a little icon on the bottom left.
  • Then scroll down and select “scan to join”
  • Now you can share the link with your friends and family, and they can join in with your session.
  • Once the users join the Spotify group session, they can play the songs and control the playlists.

Users join the Spotify group session through these steps and enjoy a music party with their friends and family worldwide.

How to Leave Spotify Group Session on Pc

When you want to leave the Spotify group session on Pc is simply manageable. 

  • Open your Spotify account.
  • Select the icon “LEAVE SESSION”
  • Now choose the “In a group session” banner.

Spotify Group Session Pc Not Working

Spotify Group Session can be an incredibly convenient way to enjoy music with friends, but it can be a real headache when it doesn’t work as expected. 

If you’re having trouble getting your Spotify Group Session feature to work on your PC, don’t worry! 

Some simple solutions may groove in no time.

  • Double-check that your Spotify version is compatible with Group Session.
  • Ensure the feature is up-to-date and available for your region.
  • If these have been checked and your problem persists, try clearing your browser cache and restarting your internet connection before reinstalling the app or contacting customer service

No matter what solution works for you, there’s no need to panic – with a few simple steps, you’ll be able to start jamming again in no time!

The Final Verdict

Hope now you get an answer; How to Spotify group session on pc. And how Spotify Group sessions are an excellent way for users to share listening experiences with their family and friends. 

We can share music and enjoy a virtual party with our friends and loved ones by sharing common playlists no matter where they are; they can play, pause, skip, or queue music.