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Valorant New Patch 7.08: Smoke Alterations, UI Customization, Premier Queue & More


Riot Games launches a new update for Valorant to keep the shooter fresh and fulfill the wants of players. The 7.08 patch was released on 16th October, introducing some interesting changes to smoke mechanics, ability sounds, tournament queue, and user interface. Today, we will walk you through the new game changes so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Agent Updates

  • Smoke mechanics

This is probably the most sensational update featured in the 7.08 patch. Valorant smokes come with different cooldown lengths and can hover in the play space for a considerable chunk of time. And since the game is about ability-based combating, there are plenty of things to keep an eye on in duels, and it may be a bit overwhelming to count each second of a smoke’s length alongside. So, Riot Games decided to give players a kind of a heads up for the time when it’s going to disappear and added a glittering visual effect notifying them that the smoke is about to fade in 1.5 seconds. The effect is also accompanied by a dissipating audio cue to provide players with full control over the situation. Noteworthy, the smokes were updated only for Brimstone, Omen, and Astra.

The Valorant community is divided on this change, and some players claim that the audio and visual cues make the game more casual. Well, the only thing we know for sure is that now it will be even more exciting to bet on Valorant, keeping track of the decisions players make to surpass their opponents.

  • Ability sounds

Valorant players will no longer hear any sounds when their teammates equip abilities. The change was introduced to streamline the gameplay and eliminate confusion, making it easier to understand where the sound comes from. Since the audio cues are now silent to allies, a player will quickly determine that it’s an enemy who equips their abilities and thus can take the appropriate actions.

Premier Queue Timeline

The changes were also introduced to the Premier game mood. So instead of an hour, you are now given only 15 minutes to find a match and queue up. If you fail to stay queued within this time window, your team will not manage to participate in the tournament.


When the waiting period ends, all eligible teams will be distributed into appropriate brackets on the basis of their Premier scores. Hence, the better season records players have, the higher seeding they receive in the tournament.

UI Customization

  • Riot Games has changed the screen for agent selection, creating 5 extra spaces for further duelists. If you are into interlocking, you will need to memorize the new location of agents to lock your favorite ones quicker than others.
  • The devs have also redesigned Level Borders and the collection of Player Cards, replacing the list with grid UI. Thus, it’s so far much more convenient to search for the card you need. In addition, you can also add cards to your favorites, which makes the whole process even faster.

Besides fixing some annoying bugs, Riot Games is also going to please Valorant fans with interesting game-changing features and introduce a new duelist – Iso. According to Valorant lore, Iso is a Chinese killer who is hunting for those involved in the development of a mysterious project called Kingdom. The agent’s abilities help him avoid damage and even deal with a crowd of armed thugs. No doubt, the upcoming patch is promising, and we are waiting for its release in November. The fascinating world of Valorant never ceases to evolve – stay tuned, and we will explore its novelties together!